Zangief dominates Ryu (shirtless) – Gyaku Ryona Male on male (gay oriented)

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► This video is only for people who love Gyaku ryona (Gay ryona) with male assailant and male victim.
From Street Fighter V on PS4.
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► Please don’t add me just to have me in your list.
The total of friends is limited per PS3, so I delete people who don’t play with me or who don’t make video with me. Thanks.

I love to be victim of grabs/throws/hug in fighting games.
If you have request or if you are interested to play “gyaku-ryona” online on ps3 (male VS male), add me on PSN or send a message.
PSN ID : G4yGrabMeOrLeave

I can record the matches or we can do it privately.


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