Weigh in boys wrestlers

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  1. Why don't they say what weight class these guys are trying to make? There is no information at all? Just a long ass video of random weigh ins. What's the point of this video? It would be better to know if they made weight or not.

  2. well, difficult to say, what is sure is that, at least in Europe, americans are known to be so full of manias, fears and phobias, with such many prejudices about whoever and whatever. In US two guys cannot touch each other, just to say "oh, nice tatoo you have!" or they cannot look in their eyes each other, they cannot hug each Others, otherwise they are considered to be homosexual. This is too creepy for us, and wherever in the huge latin world or in the arabic countries, in Spain, Latin America, Brazil, Italy, where men hug each other naturally, without any minimum paranoia to be called as gay.In all these places there's no minimum trace of things like this that contribute to create Always new frustrated people.So, when at our clubs we receive a visit of americans (usa) we Always know what to do and how to have so much fun with and about them  :)))

  3. The most boring part of any wrestling meet. Tens and hundreds of boys to be weighed, their weights recorded, their paperwork filed, all parents' complaints about weight categories resolved, YAAAAAAAAAAWN. Meanwhile the boys are burning out waiting for hours for their turn on the carpet. What I don't understand is why not do it the way they do in acrobatic gymnastics where each performance is scheduled to the nearest minute? And the athletes can arrive an hour before their time and not lose their "wind" waiting.

  4. I night add here – people are talking about "Little boys" There are abors of all ages here. Look at the height differences between them. Another item – the cameras recording the weight in are in clear and unobstructed view of everyone officials and the boys alike. This is not an incident os someone neaking a camera in and taking photos boy boys with emphasis on their personal parts. There is more than one camera and they are all in view of the officials and participants. The only people objecting to the cameras are they hysterical pundits in this comments section – NONE OF WHOM WERE THERE!!!!

  5. Yes, this is Russia. The shooting is most likely to be a raw, unedited video material that should have been used for a documentary film about the competition. No pedophilia, of course, is here. Well, if someone wants to masturbate viewing the half-dressed boy-athletes, no one can stop him from doing this. But I am personally worried about some other moments. (To be continued)

  6. Well, that is not true, is it. Many if not all of the officials are wearing T-shirts., other people, adults, are wearing open dress shirts. I can list many places in the slip that exhibit a great many adults NOT wearing jackets. Once more the hysteria reigns and false news comes of it. 1:01:21 (See background adults as well. 1:02:01, O:14:20 (Note adults above official. So this is all a bunch of nonsense. All the officials and many of the other adults are NOT wearing jackets. Every kid in line (16:05 is wearing a wrestling singlet, In the end we might assume that the adults in jackets are waiting for their kids and have no place to put their jackets were they removed. Dream on, all you loudmouths, Nothing here bu many many kids preparing for a wrestling competition. Officials doing their job, , Kids properly dressed for weight i and competition ina big gymnasium in Russia – faw away from the reaches of the prudes and gossipers of the USA.. They are minbding their own business – and likely enjoying it. The best idea would be for you to mind your kids and leave the Russian alone. The usa is harassing kids every day. By the way, what about all this kids in those lovely detention centers?? Did any of you bother about them? That is not child abuse of course. No, the trumpian government is doing that so it's okay to pen them up[ – and kill a few while you are at it. How about kicking kids out of school for making an electronic clock. Calling police on a guy who has legally paid for a hotel room. Wake up USA – The world is watching your perverts molest kids on a grand scale, Take care of your problems before you worry about Russia's

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