Wearing Swim Briefs (Speedos)

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Let’s discuss this disdain for wearing Swim Briefs AKA Speedos and whether it’s warranted or not. The swimwear may not leave much to the imagination in some people’s eyes but it’s not just for ‘sexy men’ it’s also very practical, allowing for a more comfortable swim – especially for swimmers. So maybe Swim Briefs / Speedos are more a question of other people’s comfort with the swimsuit fashion than your own.

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Wearing Swim Briefs (Speedos)


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  1. i honestly don't know what i prefer to see a man wear in regards to beach/swim wear. i think guys who are toned and muscular look great in speedos but they also would look great dressed in a bin bag ! i personally think that guys who have some meat on their bones look good in speedos too and i think that a guy who is very obese sometimes actually looks better in speedos than in board shorts. i think that we should all wear what we want to within reason, meaning as long as certain body parts are not nakedly exposed, but not all of us have the confidence to do so or the ability/strength of character to genuinely not give a damn what other people think about our outfit or how we look in it. as an overweight woman i personally would never wear a bikini, even one with big pants, but that is because of me having very low self confidence as i have seen some big or even obese women wearing a bikini and they looked great, i also feel very self conscious in a one piece swimsuit too, i actually love the old style costume that has a little skirt but feel like i am too old (51) for that as i used to wear those when i was a little girl. basically i think that it all comes down to self confidence or the lack of it regardless of our size and that if we are feeling confident in what we are wearing then that translates to how other people see us. btw, i think you look great in your speedos and i LOVE the shade of red that they are !

  2. I liked your video and the questions you ask. I was raised wearing boxer swimsuits, but I wear swim briefs today. I think everyone who has a problem with men wearing swim briefs needs to get a life, like a woman friend who thinks they are "disgusting". People need to wake up and stop being "disgusted" at the sight of another human being human. It is bad enough already that we have to wear clothes at all, especially at the beach or pool. The only purpose of any swimwear is to cover the genitals and female nipples, and what is the point of that, exactly? No one has ever been able to explain that to my satisfaction. It is Victorian prudishness, and it has gotten worse, even in the age of prolific digital porn (go figure). If we were a truly civilized society, we would not tell other people what to wear or how much. As one who participates in a substantial amount of mixed-gender nude recreation, I know how unnecessary swimwear really is and how well-adjusted people do not give nudity a second thought. I come back to the so-called "real" world and can only laugh at the prudishness I see in the U.S., with men and boys wearing board shorts because…it is somehow considered fashionable today? Screw that! Some of my swim briefs have more material in the crotch (a pouch) that makes them more comfortable than most Speedos, because they don't squish everything up against your torso but allow for a more natural placement. They don't look quite as flat in front as typical Speedos. It took me a while to get over the fear that wearing those would communicate that I am trying to show off or emphasize, which is not true at all. Like most men who choose swim briefs, I am just more practical. Plus, have you ever tried to wear a boxer swimsuit in a hot tub? The air bubbles quickly inflate the suit, which makes it want to float, and then the air bubbles burst and splash you in the face, and then it all starts over again. Have you noticed that the boxer suits have a mesh undersuit, to do the job that the rest of the suit does not do, which is to contain your genitals, which a swim brief does all by itself? So, if you have to wear something, why wear more than you have to? If it covers what it is supposed to cover, then people should end their inquiries there. If they don't like them, they should look the other way while they ponder and resolve their own insecurities. Life is way too short to focus on what other people think, especially where so many of them simply lack self confidence.

  3. Swim briefs are more comfortable and practical. I've been wearing them since I was 5 (in 1952) when I learned how to swim. I thinks it's odd that so many people think Speedos are not appropriate for men and then put their little girls in string bikinis. It's also odd that people comment about men's bodies, but if you say anything critical at all about women's bodies you are body shaming and should be beaten with a stick. Homophobia, radical feminism, lack of self confidence, who knows? Me, I'm sticking to comfortable and practical.

  4. I think most men who have issues with speedos are suffering from their own insecurities. Why else would you give a sh*t what someone else wheres ? Answer : you don't feel comfortable wearing them yourself. MYOB. It goes along ways.

  5. Men actually likes to wear them but because most men nowadays have big stomachs they tend to be so show and get low self esteem. Afraid to be teased and laughed about.

  6. It's the penis. And if it appears to be uncut. It's an even bigger freak out.
    If you feel like you want to wear a speedo. Then do it. If someone wants to perv out on you. Just accept it as a compliment and move on.

  7. it's cuz of dicks people no mater gay or straight are going to look and compare wether they do it knowingly or not and women look to Soo how big a man is or they just think the outfit is hot

  8. Long as certain body parts are not exposed!!..What a bunch of crap… many bigots associate speedos with gay men plain and body parts???? mens breasts are exposed BUT women not allowed why is that allowed so make all men wear tops to cover thier breasts

  9. You look terrific in a Speedo. There will always be jerks eager to criticize nearly anybody for nearly anything. Also, as you mentioned in passing, in the case of guys wearing Speedos, some of the hostility, undoubtedly reflects pure envy on the part of the complainants because they think THEY would look awful in them–not in all cases, obviously, but quite a few.

  10. If a man is not overweight there is nothing wrong with wearing a speedo, string bikini or thong as long as children are not present. Speedo is fine. I wear them all but am very respectful and responsible in the presence of children.

  11. You look good in yours, and it appears to fit you correctly. Some guys whether unknowingly or not will be wearing what looks like the wrong size. In my opinion, I don't think swim briefs are supposed to show your butt crack. To me that is a sure sign the guy didn't buy the right size. If it covers you properly, I have no issues whatsoever with swim briefs.

  12. I think the board short trend got started with the beach party movies and the baggies moved to basketball and even to street wear. I have always worn speedos for water sports because getting in and out of wet suits is just easier. The ladies should be able to check us out as we do them. To that end, speedos should be required of male pro beach volleyball players. Who cares what someone's sexual orientation is? With the internet like minded individuals can comfortably find one another without annoying the uninterested regardless of beach attire.


  14. As a German I am very confused lmao
    Basically every grandpa wears speedos here and many beaches and lakes have "FKK" (Freie Körperkultur – free body culture) segments where people wear NOTHING AT ALL. It's your body, everyone has the same parts, it's no big deal.

  15. I must admit, back then, I went with board shorts since I was really embarrassed in speedos, they're just so sensual. But now that I'm more confident and in control of myself, I want to get some speedos for the beach, share my sexiness with everyone and feel good about it. ^^

  16. In Australia lots of tourists and recent arrivals drown as they wear baggy tents shorts. Aust and our State Governments try to stop this by getting men to wear speedo type or v brief swimshorts. Australians all learn to swim at school and know rules of swimming and surf areas and only swimming between the flags. Unlike some countries, Aussies do not think u should be toned to wear them and we dont think of them as gay or some such. they are practical. the world of women wear bikinis so why not men in brief swimstuff too.

  17. Yeah, well it boils down to this; All people love looking at our manhood otherwise they would not give one a second glance. Everyone compares size, and everyone looks at bulges. If they say they are not they are liars. Humanity considers it so highly that they make graven images of it and women use fake ones to masturbate with. Most men love getting off by hand almost as much as getting off with their mate, because it can be much more personal, if you get my drift.

    It was puritan women who shamed men into hiding their privates because they didn't want to be caught staring because they thought it might appear inappropriate, as per some idiotic phrase in their bible. AND and, men have allowed this to go on because if they didn't their women would cut them off. Talk about selling your soul for pussy? Jesus guys, get a grip !

  18. Speedos all the way! You rock a speedo BTW. Not sure why the Americans are so prudish about speedos, they also prefer boxer shorts to briefs. Seems they aren't proud of their legs and like to look like short legged weirdos. They also dont like showing their package. Remember more people believe in god in the US than any other Western country today. So they're kinda stuck in the dark ages where Europe was couple of hundred years ago. Could be they think swinging their junk will arouse the devil. Shame they really are boring as fuck. Yea they never will lead the world in fashion and thats a good thing. Legs they're sexy, why cover them up?

  19. I am Canadian, and wear Speedos (once while shopping in West Edmonton Mall). I grew up as a competitive swimmer, but even before that, I could never stand the baggy "trunks" that some old guys wore. As sore guys who are out of shape….how does covering your thighs make up for the fact you have a beer belly? Either way your gut hangs over your waistband.

  20. If you have a good looking, muscular body with very little body fat, you will look a hell of a lot better in speedos that you will in those long, baggy, hideously ugly board shorts. Board shorts look like shit and if you wear them, you will look like shit.

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