The Bachelorette: Roses & Rose: Male Model Jordan is Shirtless in a Picture-Perfect Episode 2

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Lauren Zima has her wine in hand to recap and review the second episode of Becca Kufrin’s season, which included slow motion brilliance, complete with none other than Lil Jon. As always, please drink responsibly!

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  1. “Nothing attracts a woman more than, like, being comfortable next to a sexy man.” At this point I think Jordan might just be drunk and those are the moments they keep showing of him… Either that, or he is a second version of JJ Lane and just loves trolling everybody because they think he is a little dumb

  2. Seriously…..get over arie already…..Things like this happen all the time in real life….Of course it was shitty for Becca….but at least it wasn't fake. Arie is just another human being who made mistakes like most of us do. At least he didn't stay in the relationship and make two people unhappy. It also took courage to end it.

  3. There is nothing Garrett can do to recover from those instagram likes for me…. because now I know that's how he REALLY feels puke

    BUT… still think he's a front runner… but I hope Blake is her pick!

  4. So, not gonna lie (sips wine) but Becca was my most anticipated season and after watching the premiere, I was never so disappointed by a group of guys that the hype died for me. I didn't watch last episode…but THIS makes my week. XD I love these recaps so damn much. ET, keep Lauren forever. lol

  5. Lauren is life! Haha
    1) “I’m just saving the water for the people” 😂😂
    2) Ripping those pictures! YASSS!
    3) NO THANKS!
    4) Slow motion-ing 😜😜
    5) What? What? What? I wish I would find someone that looks at me the way Jordan looks at Jordan, so full of himself 😂
    6) Shameless plug all you want girl! You are AWESOME! 🍷
    7) Byyyyyyeeeee 👋🏼

  6. I wanna believe Garrett but how do we know he didn’t just address changing his views only because he got caught having racist opinions. He didn’t delete his Instagram till he got caught. I’ve seen the same kind of thing happen with many people and sadly even after the apology, they dont change. I do believe people can change however, so time will tell.

  7. I think how Becca responded to Garrett’s instagram controversy was very telling…if she didnt pick him or if he didnt go pretty far, I feel like she would have condemned his comments more but instead she said something along the lines of “everyone is entitled to their opinion”…hmm okay girl. Still like her but was disappointed in her response.

  8. Hilarious, as always! And completely on the money. Keep it coming, LZ. But the biggest unanswered question is . . . (drum roll please) . . . Which Rose really is your favorite?

  9. There’s lots of shameless plugs I’d probably be interested in seeing, but not enough to hunt for them. You should include the links to everything you shamelessly plug in the description and I’d bet you’d get way more views on them from low-key lazy people like me!

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