Teenage Michael Jai White Competing in 1987 Tournament

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Check out a young Michael Jai White competing in the a karate tournament back when he was still a teenager in 1987!


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  1. Michael Jai White=THE PANTHER or PANTHER! Not black panther! Like Bruce Lee=The Dragon, even though that is not his real name. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((TAKE THE NAME MICHAEL))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))"Panther" has a historic connotation to it! Look up "The All Black 761st Tank Battalion General Patton's Black Panthers WW2." Despite displaying their battle prowess and living up to their motto “Come Out Fighting,” General George Patton still had doubts about the troops and didn’t think they were fit to lead. However, Patton had to eat his words after the troops won victory after victory!

  2. Ummm as cool as this is, it's also pretty lame, why they always have to stop and restart at almost every strike, it's not really doing justice to martial arts in my opinion. On a side note it's really funny and amazing to see old VHS recordings, compared to what we have today, just look at all those lines and pixels fighting to create a clear image, puts a big smile on my face LOL!

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