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  1. @smacktard12
    "You are making accusations on me without proof, which is by the way a crime in the United States"
    Hahahaha!!! Yeah right – it's illegal to say "you probably don't have that body" – you're living in a dream world.

  2. If you have a good looking body, you look a hell of a lot better wearing a speedo than those hideously ugly, long baggy swimsuits that might get you drowned in the undertow because you are wearing extra material for the current to grab ahold of. I bet youj're less likely to drown while wearing a speedo than those long baggy swimsuits.

  3. labeling your fetish for children, be they adolescent or prepubescent does not change the fact that in the United States, people under the age of 18 are still children. and reasonable people don't make the distinction between the two, you sick, twisted fuck.

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