RED DEAD ONLINE – How To Create Beautiful Characters| RDR2 ONLINE In Depth Character Creation

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RED DEAD ONLINE – How To Create Beautiful Characters| RDR2 ONLINE In Depth Character Creation

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  1. I actually made a fine character, indeed. I made him a skinny 18yo that ran away from home at age 13, and lived a long life of petty thievery, gambling, and arseny. He eventually lingered towards robbery at 17yo. Soon after, he fell in with a small-time gang. He was in Strawberry, scouting for good opportunities for the gang, when he was framed for murder. While still relatively new to the gang, and already on bad terms with the leader, it was decided by most in the gang to just leave him, and that it wasn't worth the trouble of breaking him out of jail. After the gang was discovered by local law, they moved far South, eventually operating in Eastern New Austin and Northern Mexico, where they thrived for years until the Pinkertons eradicated the gang while on their pursuit of The Van der Linde Gang.

    Who else made a backstory to their character?

  2. Well since atm there's no way to choose the pitch of your character "Hyaah" and other sounds and seeing that many people get the teenager voice sounds, i figured that you can randomize your character till you get an preset old aged one, then check its age, it must be around 43 yrs or more, then customize the character to your liking, you can also change its age , then choose the whistle 2 set the pitch and clarity to the left, it's best if you don't empty the bars but let it very low.
    If you do it right your character will have a voice sound of an man around his 30+ yrs old. Though even if you do it right ,when doing missions the voice seems to switch back to the teenager voice sadly , but free roam will have the right voice.

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