PowerBeats3 Shirtless Review

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My full indepth Review of the PowerBeats3 by Beats.


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  1. I have a pair of Beats Powerbeats³ (black), Beats Studio³ (red/silver), Beats Studio³ (white/gold), and Beats Studio³ (grey/gold)…and I use all of them. The Powerbeats³ battery life is pretty awesome…I can watch videos with them for about 6 hours. The battery on the Studio³’s are even better… with the noise cancelling on, I get about 20 hours of playback time. But what I REALLY like is that if it’s really low on battery and you need to head out soon, you can charge them for 10 minute and that’ll give you 3 hours of playback time…which is a great feature to have for people who’re on the go. As for the Powerbeats³, I love that they’re sweatproof, they’re compact-able, come in a small carrying case, they NEVER fall off, and they look good…sometimes I do wish they got a little louder, but that’s about it for the cons.

  2. I love it when you flex your pecs 😍… Lol. Ear buds are crazy expensive these days, but sometimes quality is better. Say hi to Bella & the other puppies for me, and have great evening. 👍

  3. Thank you for the review Jake. A link would be nice and appreciated so you get the credit for purchases. Only fair, right? Keep building your brand! Cheers

  4. I want to see you give your dog food
    Bella looks hungry
    I understand you Jack
    These homosexuality try, to talk to me all .the time I just ignore them on your YouTube channel
    You have patience .I do not
    Keep you up the good work
    Man on YouTube
    Your biggest fan Marcus

  5. $100 they better be amazing sounding lol but that's not the case in the situation It just like you said you're paying for the logo Aka the brand.. so do you have any recommendations on any good headphones that you enjoy for the same price?

  6. Oooo Momma Bell~!!!! xx oooooo~
    On the heady's ~ companies tend to max out the volume. As an entire generation of peeps will be def & blind in 10 – 25yrs. For Real. Our luxuries/pleasures in life most often take a toll on the physical body. The heady companies want to keep a customer base. Thus everyone can't go def to stay in business _ ie;volume maxout~…lol…rof…l…l…lol…

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