OXCC – Battle of the Bulge 2015 LMG MK46 Gameplay

loading video

First gun is an upgraded A&K MK46 LMG
Second gun is an A&K PTW

Airsoft Op: Battle of the Bulge 2015
Saturday, December 19th, 2015
Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City
2941 Old Telegraph Rd, Chesapeake City, Maryland 21915


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  1. hey man ive been really trying to get in to airsoft and live about a half an hour from this field. what gun and clothing do you recommend. if you could send links that would be cool

  2. hey Delaware Milsim I live in lewes DE, and north east MD at my dads, mostly stay in lewes and it is great to see there is airsoft in this area and may finally start to get into it soon. Hope to see you continue posting these great videos!

  3. I'm the guy with the m14 and black jacket who covered you during round 1 in the woods. Had a great time, hopefully you bring that beast of a gun back next year!

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