New ‘Batwoman’ trailer shows her with her girlfriend

A new trailer for the CW series Batwoman has been released, and it shows how the hero’s girlfriend inspired her to become Batwoman.

The video shows Colonel Sophie Moore, Kate Kane’s girlfriend, getting kidnapped by a gang. And instead of just waiting for other people to save Moore, Kane gets the iconic bat-suit modified to fit her so she can help.

When her father tells her that she’s a female Bruce Wayne, she responds: “Awesome. Hilarious. Handsome.”

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Later, she says that she wants to change the suit because people keep on thinking that she’s Batman.

“I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work,” she says.

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Kane is played by Ruby Rose, a lesbian actress known for her on Orange is the New Black.

The series has been picked up by the network for a season.

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