Most Important Exercise to Help Pinched Nerve and Neck Pain / Dr. Mandell

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The majority of spinal degeneration and disc pathologies come from poor posture of the neck. It is important to make sure proper muscle stabilization is present for proper healing.

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  1. I have been suffering for 3 1/2 months with a herniated disc at c7. I've tried physical therapy (not this exercise), chiropractic, and anti-inflammatory pills. Nothing was working, it was getting progressively worse. 3 1/2 months may not sound long to some of you, but it seems like a year. I stumbled onto this vid 1 week ago. I substituted an elastic band for the towel shown here and gave it a whirl.
    I am not cured yet, but the amount of improvement in just 7 days is astonishing. It took a few attempts to really isolate the muscles you are supposed to work, but you figure it out fairly quick. Keep your arms motionless, and tuck your chin on the pull back.


  2. My posture is really bad and I’m trying to correct it but when I did this exercise my upper back (the area from shoulder blade to shoulder blade to the center of my spine) was burning and got really tight to where it felt like I was going to get a Charlie horse but that area didn’t cramp up, thank goodness. Is that sensation normal? And will it ease up as my posture is getting to the position it’s supposed to be in?
    As always, thank you Dr Mandell for all u do to help us get to better health!❤️

  3. I tried all your neck exercises, done all my chiropractor's exercises, stretches, tried many different pillows, etc and yet the pain in my neck has gotten worse these past 2 years. The pain is like a jolt around C4/5 going down my left arm, sometimes the right arm, down my left side near the ribcage, below my neck. down my left glute and left leg (could it be related to the spinal cord)? the pain is first like a jolt if I bend over than sweating in my hands and feet, not feeling the cold, weird feeling in my upper abdomen, a flash of burning feeling in all parts mentioned, in my left jaw, at time on my teeth and behind my left eyes (rarely though). I stop being able to sleep on my side 2 years ago (I will know that my neck is acting up with an intense pulse like in my neck) and just recently lost the ability to sleep on my back too. I feel a bit of relieve when standing up. It's maddening, frustrating and terribly stressful. I only sleep in the wee hours out of exhaustion and in pain, waking up now and then. I wish I could see you but I live in San Francisco; it's a bit far. Would you please recommend a great chiropractor here, in San Francisco specialized in neck pain (either a pinched nerve or slipped/pinched disk? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  4. I have major numbness on my right hand my thumb index and middle finger don’t feel nothing I am extremely nauseous I won’t get my feeling back. I’ve had X-ray MRI and doctors say nothing is wrong Just found your channel reading through comments it seems your exercises have help many I’m praying it helps me I’ve even had deep massages I’m desperate

  5. Excellent Video, I wish I had of seen something like this 11yrs ago. Anyone out there Suffering from Neck Pain, I understand how Debilitating it can be, I wish You a Speedy Recovery.♥️
    Melbourne, Australia.

  6. I have a question and if anyone can answer it'd appreciated! My cervical spine especially the vertebrae all 7 have been causing tingling in my forearms , neck , cheeks, throat and face enough that i had to go to the hospital but they misdiagnosed me and said i had anxiety, which obviously is not the case since im usually relaxed , does anybody have any recommendations on exercises or ideas on where to go cause its so uncomfortable ro feel my face and arms get numb and tingley from my neck , note i have scapula winging and rounded shoulders but they never cause this sensation i get which only occurs on my throat, neck , face , and arms. Need help honestly

  7. Nothing but true blessings to you and your family sir! I subbed after waking around 4am from constant neck pain over last couple of days..went to sleep with my tv on rain sounds but one of your videos was listed below so here we are..could talk forever about spine issues I've dealt with from neck down but I just thank God for you and for you sharing all that you do. Blessings again in Yeshua/Jesus name.

  8. Hey guys! I've suffered from herniated disc as well. Lower lumbar spine. It eventually graduated to Sciatica. Nerve pinched on left leg. Endured pain for 6 months. Doctor only option was surgery. I was flat broke and no insurance. Put off MRI for awhile ( ). It was expensive but eventually got it. Confirmed the bulge. Cause was a deterioration on S1 probably from an accident I had 10 yrs ago.. I researched on hydrotherapy. Swimming with a series of movement. Gravity is our worse enemy. After just a couple of times, the pain was gone. Got full function of my left leg again. It worked for me. Don't lose hope. I was in a desperate situation. I thought my life ended. It's been 3 years now and I haven't felt pain again. I hope you all get better. I am not a doctor. We all have different cases. This just worked for me.

  9. So I had a lot of nerve pain for quite a while. I noticed that my neck would crack as I would inhale, do you think that if you have consistent cracking in the neck it can also signify a problem?

  10. Hi doctor ‘ I am having 2 year neck and right shoulder pain have seen almost 6 physiotherapist nothing help pls help me My MRI report result below
    1:Degenerative disc disease
    2: posterolateral osteophytosis with abutting disc are causing mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing at C3-4,C4-5&C5-6 levels
    Pls suggest me what to do

  11. Hi, i have long time problem with spine.. it started when i made unjury to my neck while being in the gym and till that time my cervical vertebras pretty much half of them at all places of my spine arent at propper position i had them straightened by doctor many times but they all revert back to that same bad position just that night after straightening my dok told me its because i suffer from hypermobility so he told me to strengthen my core muscles around spine and then that straightening would work.. please can u tell me wich of your videos could help me? u have there to many videos and i dont know wich of them would be helpfull.. thank you

  12. Thanks for this vid. Been having neck issues for a few years now. Think I stumbled on a similar exercise by myself. As I drive, or more often at red lights, I do this same movement into the headrest of my car seat. Makes the neck feel better, and seems to make me feel more alert at the same time.

  13. Been suffering for 3 years not been Able to move my neck crying in so much pain left me hunched over days off work constantly on painkillers did this and I can hand on heart say my pain lifted and I was able to turn my neck with ease the relief is mad the nightmare I’ve been living in mite be over thank you for this video ❤️, helped my neck pain headaches shoulder / blade pain arm and numbness in arms and hands

  14. The first one I tried my neck crunched and popped! Shit. I'll try this for a few days and see how I get on. Office job for 20+ years will probably kill me quicker than the drink!!

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