Mandy Will Sleep With Up To 10 Men In One Day For Money

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Mandy, a prostitute in Maryland, services up to ten clients a day to feed her heroin addiction. With her drug habit becoming more intense, it motivates her to steal from those who love her the most — her family. Will they get Mandy help, or turn her in? | For more, visit

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  1. Many started on prescription drugs from purdu pharma a $200 billion Corp. Now fentinal imported from China 50x worse… The addiction cycle is 7/24…it starts out recreational drug progresses to high usage.

  2. Its amazing that the driving sister can't see she is enabling her sister. Talk about making it easy… Where is the tough love? That's like picking up drugs for an addict. And you know the driver doesn't have a life. Where is see going in life? Driving her sister around every day… You know she has to be getting paid as well. They both need Jesus. To know how much they are loved and how truly valuable they really are.

  3. 20??? Mandy is responsible for her own actions of getting into drugs and such, but her sister driving her around for like 12 hours a day (doesn't her sister have a JOB of her own or is she getting a cut of this money??) and her mom not acknowledging it for all of this time are all part of the time. All of them are a mess.

  4. If Mandy's sister really loves her, then she will discourage her sister from this behavior. Ew! Smell the stink!
    You girls are too good for this life! Help your sister to get off of drugs, and try to persuade her to get clean, get a good education, and find better things in life! Get her out of the sewer!

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