Madrid Fashion Show Features Naked Male Models with Women’s Purses

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here the link for the fashion show

the link for pretty girl store


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  1. I honestly think every man and woman should invest in one coach bag. 😅. I agree though. If we spend the money and the designers say that they do not market your patronage: FUCK'EM!!!! 👍🏾😆

  2. Nice vid Raven, you hint the nail on the head about staying in your lane when it comes to shopping. I know lots of girls that don't and outfits be sad😂😂😂 but hey if you're happy do you boo.

  3. Girl! I had to go check it out and I could not stop laughing! I was stunned to see those little pink worms prancing around like that. I did not even focus on the bags because I just could not stop laughing! Who? What? When? Where? & WHY? Is all I can say…..😂😂😭

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