Korean Bathhouse (Getting Naked, Reunion, and Best Parts)

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Day 2,191
December 30 2016


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Shimmy Goes to Korea – Part 1 in Seoul


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Corey Vidal


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  1. I grew up in a Finnish-American family, so I've been going to sauna with naked people since I could walk. I find it baffling that so many people seem to find it shocking that other people have bodies under their clothes!

  2. That was quite the story about the Korean bathhouse. Probably a good thing you didn't vlog that. lol.

    Still can't believe there's only one vlog left. How has 6 years gone by so fast? I still remember discovering Corey towards the end of 2010 when he did his first rooftop fight with Craig which was perfect timing cause the vlog started a couple months later. Now it's 6 years later and I've seen every vlog from the beginning. I can't say that about any other youtube channel. And it's cool to think back to all the big events like the forming of the team, the filming at Google, the transition to daily vlogs, the new house, Blend your own adventure, the BlogTVs and Idea Boost voting that started Buffer and ASAP Science, the filming of Vlogumentary, the launch of Buffer, and more. And it's just a super bonus that you guys are fellow Canadians and that I've been able to meet you all several times. From Canada's Got Talent to Buffer to vlogging with Corey at Vidcon. You guys have done so much for me. The middle of 2013 was a rough time for me and you guys were one of the few things that kept me going and made me smile during that time. And then the launch of Buffer happened and you guys basically changed my life. Not only did I finally get to meet a lot of the people I'd been watching on Youtube but I also made several new friends. Friends who understood the whole Youtube thing. 7 months later 2 of these friends and I would travel to Vidcon together. Something I'd wanted to do for years but probably never would have done if I hadn't met these friends. We've also attended every Buffer together since then and I consider them to be some of my best friends. I'm so gonna miss these vlogs but I'm still super glad I got to experience them! Corey, Corrado, Saskia, Sam, Rianna, Joel, Sean, Stephanie, Brock, Mitch, Mary, Mary, Tim, Tim, Danielle, Frankie, Jimmy, Shannon, Caitlin, Ethan, Brian, Ryan, Chris, Marta, Faris, Sue, Cyr, Sid, Threepio, Chewie, Dawson and anyone else I may be forgetting who was ever a part of the team: You're all awesome! Thank you for sharing a part of yourselves with all of us. Home will always be where the vlog is. 🙂

  3. Well, this is quite a different vlog from our daily commute with Corrado and Saskia. But really… Are you quitting tonight? I mean, the vlogs we're quite entertaining and we always came to see what was going on in your world and assuming you wanted to continue sharing your daily lives with us and it doesn't matter whenever it was Corrado and Saskia every day or like a rant on something… I don't know what and where, your lives will take you once you end the last vlog. But one thing's for sure. No matter where you will be, you should know that there always will be a door waiting to be opened. To Corey, Corrado, Saskia, Sam, Rihanna, everyone that has been a part of this awesome community. Keep the door open and maybe one day the Apprentice Eh House will live again. <3

  4. So beyond sad but happy at the same time that the vlog is ending tonight/tomorrow. Thank you Apprentice Eh/A for all the amazing years I'll miss you like mad! Happy New Year!

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