Joey Fatone Talks *NSYNC, DJ Khaled, and Guy Fieri While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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The former boy-band member—who currently appears in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 andDead 7—face down Sean Evans in the infamous Hot Ones challenge. Watch the multitalented star take on some of the wildest hot sauces in the world while reminiscing about his *NSYNC days and calling out his high-school classmate, DJ Khaled.

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  1. Oh my God. I had that Afghan blanket as a child because my aunt bought it for me. I remember thinking it was scary but I LOVED joey and it was a gift so I used it all the time in the winter. My dad hid it in the closet though because it was freaky at night

  2. You know, Sean Evans is a champion for doing this over and over again. It’s incredible how unphased he is in later seasons, but shout out to past Sean Evans for sticking with it through the pain, well done man

  3. Yall hear? Nsync is rumored to be touring soon, minus JT. 🙂

    Also, two years later and I think the show is still doing great. Dont fix what isn't broken, ya know? <3

  4. Joey f. So cool. He should be on kinda funny we have cool friends. Nick scarpino play shit talks you all the time. Be funny if you come in and act like you have beef.

  5. wow, this was back when Sean actually showed his pain xD kudos to Joey here, he was a champ. i was never big on the whole boy band scene, but respect to this dude for expanding his career as he did after NSYNC dissolved.

  6. Here's a question, why put the lid back on the bottle of you know your gonna be drinking again in 2 more seconds?
    Joey at 15:48 – Why does that keep on happening!?
    Air, The capsaicin molecule interact with temperature receptors on the human body. Your mouth closed is at 98 degrees and when you open it air changes that. The brain is being tricked by a chemical signal instead of the real physical temperature signal, and it’s saying, ‘Okay, you’re in danger here, you’re being burned.’”
    So Khaled was right. This show is a perfect example of stupid ppl being set up to hurt themselves I. E. Eating the hottest thing you can put in your mouth and then having to constantly open your mouth to talk letting air in to further irritate your receptors.
    But I do love watching these tortures lol.

  7. I got a way to add something to the show… Have the guest add something. Make them bring in something of interest and if they make it past a wing and q they can show the item.

  8. Sorry Joey, I like you, but, "a bunch of vaginas"? Try a bunch of testicles. You kick a testicle and the human goes down. Ten pound HUMANS come out of vaginas!

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