James Charles vs the minority boys of beauty

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James Charles snaps on social media, nothing new right? But this time he attempts to silence a minority MUA for speaking his truth? So who’s right in this situation?

Mocha_Writer= Mocha’s Twitter
**CharmedImSure_ = Nicky’s Twitter
**AyeItsTeaTime= Tea Time Twitter
**CharmedxImxSure=Nicky’s Instagram
**heyxnicky= Nicky’s Snapchat
**d.mochap= Mocha’s Snapchat


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  1. James situation is totally different 13yrs old makes a difference and also he didn’t add names or pictures although we know who it’s about. We have to start realizing the bigger issue at hand how did that boy get to this event and why if told not too? If we are going to look at him as a child ok cool we can but as I tell my two children stay in a child’s place – so you don’t come in between adult business.

    As for Jackie aina 😂 I’m not surprised I still love her and I still follow her but I’ve always been told if someone doesn’t agree with her she unfollows or block them & I defender her everytime until it back fires now I see. I was hurt but not anymore. Still gonna support where I can but my big question is if you unfollowed me for supporting jeffree why do she still support James Charles when he openly supports him as well is it because I’m smaller without as much power? Just doesn’t add up but what’s done is done so I’m moving on from it to continue to grow

  2. Great video guys However, the drama was immature but it happens. I clearly stated on His post that I totally agreed with his feelings towards the recognition that black people get. I feel the same exact way TBH but the fact of taking the boys picture and adding it into his tweet wasn’t ok for me because the terms that were used was real artistry. As if the boy have no room to grow. But we all were just supported in a collage together we were all suppose to be rising together but because I stated his the tweet could have been worded differently when it comes to the child I was unfollowed. Which I did state I was salty because I supported him and think his makeup is great. It comes off as someone who can’t take another opinion that wasn’t even bad 😂 but people can never have a separate opinions and still be cordial. That twitter came off bitter. If I had wanted to share my feelings I wouldn’t have added the boys image or directly shot for one specific person. Colourpop post a lot of white people or other race but that one post of a boy stood out. I would have spoke on the page in general. He is entitled to have his opinions but you have to be willing to accept the responses.

    When I posted about supporting jeffree I knew hate was gonna come behind it and I was willing to stick up for myself and deal with it. I lost followers but I gained as well. I am not the person I support we are two different people. As I stated many times everyone calls him racist but I can’t just listen to that I have to see for myself and I was never in all the drama that went on as far as that to even form my own opinion. Everything I got is just social media. I want to love, support, and forgive everyone that’s just my heart ❤️

  3. James told a 13 yr old bit not to come to his meet and greet, because her Heard people tell him that this 13 yr old boy was talking poorly about him. Bull shit he just didn’t want this 13 yr old boy with 300k subs to take his shine away at his meet and greet.

  4. Omg have you ever seen the show WWYD! What Would You Do? You can find the videos here on youtube. Uggg they are amazing they put fake situations in public places and record to see what people will do, to see if people will step in or not to right the wrong. It literally brings me to tears sometimes.

  5. Did you see James responded on Tea Spills video? I am going to watch your video now to see what you have to say, and I hope you feel the same way I do. BTW MOCHA YOU LOOK FUCKING SEXY AS HELL? You too Nick, but Mocha has got me feeling something.

  6. James was totally in the wrong and being a childish asshat, per usual. With that said, as a parent, this is EXACTLY why I don’t allow my kids to have total free reign on social media platforms. This kid is much too young to be playing with the big kids’ pettiness, that is all platforms of social media.

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