Gay Video Games: Technomancer 'Sex Scene' with Andrew (Lucky)

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There are is no way get naked. Characters will always wear armor. The clipping issue of the right hand in the overhead shot is understandable as every usable bed can trigger this scene.


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  1. god i wanna seduce another guy.. but then I think about intercourse and it just seems way too complicated. I am not completely comfortable with a dick in my ass and he most likely isn't. But there is always attraction between guys.. this is is the problem.. WE DON'T HAVE VAGINAS!! :(( So it's like what is the point of even getting intimate then… to have to face the awkwardness.. I wish the world was more open to this feeling.. because people just wanna love eachother man…

  2. Can you romance every companion in the game? Is Andrew the only m/m romance in the game? I'm searching all over the internet but can't find a answer. So maybe you can help?:)

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