Game Grumps Stream VOD – Undertale (05/07/19)

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Dan and Arin seek love, flirts, and avoid fights in Undertale. Also, they go on a fancy date.

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  1. So he’s gonna do a pacifist run, but just to prove he’s Arin he’s also going to eat every single important item when he doesn’t need to and die in a fight that’s almost impossible to die in

  2. They do the full pacifist right? They manage to jacksepticeye it and get the best parts even if they don’t always with the story right????

  3. hate being in the middle of watching a stream u only just managed to catch, to only make it a bit in and then the stream kicks u when it ends.

  4. Aww hearing Ross do the Papyrus voice makes me so nostalgic from when I first watched him and Barry’s playthrough. His voice was really was the best, it’s how I always imagine Papyrus sounding when playing the game.

    And Arin’s voice does it really well, it’s just a bit deeper, but still really captures Papyrus really well

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