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Okay, the Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson love fest is getting out of hand. The newly engaged couple, both 24, haven’t been shy about how much they’re into each other. They got engaged three freakin’ weeks after they started dating! Ari just made a super NSFW joke on Twitter that she’s now since deleted…about the size of Pete’s penis. Yeah, she went there! A fan tweeted her asking how long the interlude in her new song “Pete” is. She responded, “like 10 inches? ….oh f*ck …i mean … like a lil over a minute”. Ari’s since deleted the tweet, but you can see a screenshot of it below!

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Ariana Grande Talks About Pete Davidson’s Penis | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Thumbnail is perfect. Douchebag McGayFace is her pet name for him. His dad’s nickname for him was “The reason I pitched myself off of a 100 Story Building”, he meant it as a term of endearment. Wasn’t all little Peteylicker’s fault though, was also his mom’s fault for having such shitty genes that he was spawned out of her.

  2. She dumped him because of her career and opinion of the public. They were happily in love she was very excited about her wedding her ex dies people are giving her a hard time for not being a motional an hour and nobody liked Pete and her Fanbase was upset magically she ends the wedding is just common sense that narcissism is alive and well and the opinions of people really matters to her whether it hurts the people that she’s spreading her legs for or not

  3. Now that the thank u, next music video is out, she actually wrote "HUUUUUGE" under Pete's image in her diary (shown in the music video)… Guess she wasn’t joking!

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