15 Minute Flat Stomach Workout. Standing Abs to Reduce Belly Fat

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Try this 15 minute flat stomach workout to reduce belly fat fast. Do these low impact standing ab exercises 4 times a week and follow the tips in the video to lose weight and burn tummy fat.

The stomach workout is suitable for the women and for the men, these ab exercises can be done at home without equipment or weights.

To increase the fat loss effect start an healthy diet.

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Consult your doctor before starting the flat stomach workout.

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  1. Morning:Drink water then eat fruits
    and then for walking or running after rest then workout.

    Afternoon: Eat lunch then workout 3 times then rest

    Midnight: Dance and then rest then eat and the workout.

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  3. I'm doing standing an exercises because I can't feel the burn when I do floor exercises….
    Why can't I feel the burn even with this?!

    And yes, I do tighten my stomach..?
    This is so annoying!

  4. I am starting today (21.01.2018)
    I am 12 years old but I am turning 13 really soon. I am 46 kgs (nearly 100 pounds I guess) but the problem is I am REALLY short ( 1.48 cm ) I will write the results 1 week later btw I will be doing this 2-3 times a day and eat healthy.

  5. Third day on this work out and I can’t say it isn’t working but I have also

    Done two other exercise trials
    Drank ginger tee
    Two shots of lemon juice a day
    Ate two meals

  6. Hey I'm starting today for like maybe a week or two ;). I'll update and let you know how it's going. Btw, can people PLEASE give me some motivational commenys so that I can keep going. I really want this to work, and I'll be trying my best!! Thanks!

  7. Me and my bestie sum sum are doing this while trying to eat at lease under 800 cal ( We’re 11) And today is our first day so imma be updating.

    Day 1: So when I was in my shower ( there’s a mirror opposite me) I looked at it and my body like oml my stomach had gotten flatter and for the round but big hips and small waist vid, it had worked my hip dips where almost gone, I’ve noticed my waist getting smaller and bigger and rounder but and oml only day 1, I have also only had one meal yesterday so but still!! Tysm results only day 1 this is amazing

    Day 2:

    Day 3:

    Day: 4

    Day 5:

    Day 6!!:

    Day 7!!!!!!:

  8. Tried this workout twice now, and i don't know if this means anything but compared to other workouts i dont feel any strain in my core when i do this, anyone relate ?

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