ឆាមីលើបេះដូង Noodles on the Heart Pan (English Subtitles) ~ Khmer Gay Short Film (Asian Gay Movie)

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Welcome to Khmer Gay movie Channel! This is Khmer gay short film (Noodles on the Heart Pan)
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#Top 10 gay movies list Rank
1- Below is popular gay movie list
2- My Bromance – Thai Movie
3- The Love of Siam
4- Love My Life
5- Silhouette of Your Voice
6- Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite
7- Nijiiro no garasu
8- Jyunjyou
9- Doushitemo Furetakunai
10- Seven Days: Friday – Sunday
#Top 10 Gay movie Vote
1- A Piece of Our Life – Kakera
2- Memento Mori
3- The King and the Clown
4- A Frozen Flower
5- Night Flight
6- No Regret
7- Two Weddings And a Funeral
8- Method (Korean Movie)
9- My Bromance – Thai Movie
10 One Night and Two Days
#List Of Asia Gay Movie
A Piece of Our Life – Kakera
Adrift (2009-Vietnam)
Afternoon Breezes
All About Love (2010-Hong Kong)
All About My Father
All Mixed Up
ALLDAYS Nichome no Asahi
The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela
Bangkok Love Story
Beautiful Boxer
Beautiful Crazy
Beautiful Mystery
A Big Bang Love: Juvenile
Blue (2003-Japan)
Blue Gate Crossing
Boring Love
Boy Meets Boy
Boy’s Choir
Boys Love
Boys Love The Movie
Bugis Street
Bugis Street Redux
Butterfly (2004-Hong Kong)
Camellia Project: Three Queer Stories at Bogil Island
Candy Rain
Cats (2009-South Korea)
A Cha-Cha for the Fugitive
Cheerleader Queens
City Without Baseball
Close Your Eyes and Hold Me
Color Blossoms
Coming Out (Japanese Movie)
Crimson Dream
The Depths
Doushitemo Furetakunai
Drifting Flowers
East Palace West Palace
Eden (Japanese Movie)
Enter the Clowns
Eternal Summer
Fag Hag
The Family Complete
Fantasy of the Girls
Farewell My Concubine
Feeding Boys, Ayaya
Finding the Adolescence
First Love (2007-Japan)
Fish and Elephant
Fleeing by Night
F cont.
Fly By Night
Formula 17
A Frozen Flower
Funeral Parade of Roses
Ghost Station
Girls Love
Go Go G-Boys
Gymnasium Baby
Half (Korean film)
Hana wa Saku ka
Happy Together (Wong Kar-Wai)
Haunting Me
Haunting Me 2
Haunting Me 3
Haunting Me 4
Hello My Love
Home: Love, Happiness, Remembrance
Hong Kong Night Club
I Like You, I Like You Very Much
I Wanna Be Your Man
In Between Seasons
In My End is My Beginning
The Iron Ladies
Itsuka no kimi e
Just Friends?
The King and the Clown
Kotatso, Orange and Meow!
La Maison de Himiko
Lan yu
Land of Scarecrows
The Last Song
Life is Peachy
Like a Virgin
Like Grains of Sand
The Little Girl in Me
Lost Girl
Lost in Paradise
Love Actually Sucks!
Love Me Not – Hong Kong Movie
Love My Life
The Love of Siam
Love’s Lone Flower
Lovely Man
Madame X
Manji (1983-Japan)
Manji (2006-Japan)
Me… Myself
Memento Mori
Method (Korean Movie)
M cont.
Miao Miao
Miracle on Jongno Street
A Moment in June
My Bromance – Thai Movie
Natural Woman
Night Flight
Nijiiro no garasu
No Regret
One Night and Two Days
One Summer Night (2017)
Our Future
Our Love Story
Parts of the Heart
Peony Pavilion
Permanent Residence
Queer China
A Queer Story
Rainbow Eyes
Rice Rhapsody
Road Movie
Rough Sketch of a Spiral
Saimon & Tada Takashi
Sassy Player
Sawako Decides
Senorita (Philippines Movie)
Seven Days: Friday – Sunday
Seven Days: Monday – Thursday
Silhouette of Your Voice
Silom Soi 2
Sisters on the Road
Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite
Soundless Wind Chime
Spider Lilies
Splendid Float
Spring Fever
Stateless Things
Sugar Sweet
Summer Vacation 1999
The Terrorists
The Handmaiden
The Second Life of Thieves
This Area Is Under Quarantine
A Touch of Fever
Two Weddings And a Funeral
The Wedding Banquet (1993-USA)
Where Are We Going?
The Whispering of the Gods
Yaji and Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims
ឆាមីលើបេះដូង Noodles on the Heart Pan ~ Khmer Gay Short Film (Asian Gay Movie)
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  1. Legal e bonitos rapazes assim com este perfil de belezas e o eu gostarias ter um bom amor e ser feliz. 🔷 🔵 🔴 🔷 ♣ 🔵 🔷 ♥ 🔷 🔵 🔷 🔴 ♥ 🔵 🔷 ♥ 🔷 🔺

  2. Oi, com um rapaz assim é bem belezas e gostosos se beijar e fazer coisas bem gostosas com amor e prazer. 🔷 🔺 ♥ 🔷 🔴 🔺 ♥ 🔺 🔵 🔺 ♥ 🔺 🔵 🔺 🔷 🔴 🔺

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